Mail: For Both Business and Consumer


In 2017, direct mail and print remain both relevant and necessary avenues of marketing. Digital advertising efforts are proving to be much less effective without the aid of print advertising supplements. Modern Direct Mail goes beyond the mass mailers of yesterday and is now utilized by businesses to reach their target markets. Direct Mail offers many benefits for both the business and the consumer.

We naturally gravitate to print.
Print materials and mail itself are a routine ingrained within many of us. Retrieving the mail is part of our daily lives, in spite of the technological age we live in. Simply put, print feels comfortable to us. 

We pay better attention to print. 
Consumers are highly likely to, at the very least, glance at each piece of mail they receive. Many times a mailer will be posted on the refrigerator or placed in a purse. Every time that direct mail is seen, they are further developing recognition for your brand. Emails will often go unread and banner ads may blend into the rest of the mass of ads. Print mail will at least be considered briefly. The most effective campaigns make a concentrated effort utilizing both digital and physical formats while keeping the message cohesive. Through the use of this practice, any business will almost certainly maintain higher response rates. 

Print requires less cognitive effort. 
Comprehending a message through print takes less mental strain. Therefore, consumers are typically able to retain information better from printed materials than through most digital mediums.

Direct mail takes the pressure off the customer.
Consumers are less likely to experience buyer’s guilt when exposed to direct mail. A physical format helps prevent consumers from making hasty purchasing decisions. With digital marketing, customers are faced with an immediate choice, buy or don’t buy. Moreover, through e-commerce, a buying decision can be made almost instantly. Direct mail allows people to more thoroughly process the information before making any decisions.

There’s less immediate competition. 
Online, consumers are bombarded with advertisements, often simultaneously. Exposure to multiple ads at once can cause an overload of information. The rapid processing of information through online ads can, ultimately, be detrimental to your message. Digital marketing is critical, but it’s important to reinforce it through direct mail and other print marketing efforts.

You can get creative.
Die-cutting is a fun, creative option for direct mail. Create pop-ups and folding pieces to help engage your audience. Dimensional mailers have been shown to produce an even higher return on investment. These mailers tend to resonate more with consumers due to the production values creating a notion of high quality within the consumer. Such forms of direct mail are less likely to be discarded and more likely to be shared due to the quality physical format. EBC will work with you to design eye-catching and effective direct mail.


EBC offers a number of mailing services at our facility. Variable data and image printing are great options for sending out your direct mail pieces. You’ll love the convenience of having your direct mailers printed and sent from one location. It saves you time, which, as we all know, is incredibly important. Learn more about our mailing services HERE.

It’s time to kick-start your business – contact us to start planning your direct mail campaign today! Our knowledgeable, courteous staff are ready to assist you.   

Check out these surprising statistics! 
74% always or sometimes notice advertising in direct mail
51% prefer companies to use a combination of mail and email when communicating with them
70% are curious to find out what’s in their mailbox


Business Cards & Branding – For You & Your Business


Business cards can be an extremely effective, useful marketing tool. These 3.5″ x 2″ cards hold more power than many realize. They help express your identity as it relates to your company. There are endless options when it comes to format, design, color, typography that can make your business card a great networking, marketing and branding tool for both yourself and your business.

Keep in mind these design principles: 

• Leave some empty space. Don’t feel the need to fill up the entire card with text or images.
• Make sure text alignment is correct. Small errors like unintentionally off-centered text portray a lack of caring.
• Don’t use too many different typefaces or typefaces that are difficult to read.
• DO, however, add some contrast! 2 contrasting typefaces can be very aesthetically pleasing. For example: A bold sans serif with a lighter, thinner script or italicized font.

More Tips for A Ultra-Effective Business Card

 Use High Quality Paper 
• This is the first impression people will have of you and your company. You want them to associate you with terms like ‘high quality’ and ‘professional’.
• If you want to be able to write on the card when handing it out, stay away from a glossy paper.

Watch for Information Overload
• Don’t attempt to fit every bit of information on your business cards. You’ll likely lose the recipient’s attention this way.
• Encourage redirection to learn more about the business by including website, social media info, contact info, etc.

• Think carefully about your color choices. Be sure to keep them consistent with your brand.
• Make sure the color isn’t too light and therefore, difficult to read.
• The website allows you to post your color palette and other’s comment on it.
Try an Eye-catching Finish
• Take advantage of some of your options for specialty effects.
• Embossing, foil stamping, die cutting and spot varnishing are all great finishing touches that add an interesting design element. Learn more about our finishing options here!

Proof Your Work 
• Double check for any spelling or grammar mistakes.
• Ask others to proof your business card, as well. A fresh pairs of eyes can more easily spot a mistake.

Every individual in a company can make a huge impact. By successfully branding yourself, you’ll in turn help brand your company. People associate you with your company, so the impression you make on them is extremely important. Whether you work for your own small business or for a large corporation, it’s important to remember that the way you present yourself is a strong reflection on your company. You want to ensure you are representing the company (and yourself) in the best way possible.
Your brand is what sets you a part from the competition. Your professional identity and your company’s image go hand in hand. Many times, your business card is the first impression potential customers will have of you and your company. Make it count! Contact EBC Printing to learn how we can help you design and print your business cards. We were recently voted #1 Commercial Printer by readers of Lehigh Valley Business!

EBC_lvb_awards_best_printer_small EBC_lvb_awards_signage_small

Quality is Key



High quality materials and thoughtful, interesting designs are the best way to stand out from your competition and make a meaningful first impression on consumers. Customers subconsciously make their purchasing decisions based on aesthetics. Therefore, design and packaging are of upmost importance. Enhance your brand’s image with great quality print materials. Ensure the image your putting out into the world is an accurate one.

It can be tempting to go the least expensive route possible when it comes to your printed marketing materials, signage, etc. Cutting corners is never worth it in the long run. Regardless of how low the cost, if it doesn’t make an impression, it’s essentially pointless. No matter how much you “save” using cheap materials, the result will undoubtedly be significantly lower ROI. It’s also a poor representation of your business. For example, if a mailer looks flimsy and boring, it will likely be tossed away without the prospective customer even glancing at it. No matter how inexpensive it was, that’s simply a waste of money.

Businesses need an array of materials printed regularly. These items represent both you and your business.

Common Printed Materials:
• Brochures
• Business cards
• Product Packaging
• Product sheets
• Manuals/Employee Handbooks
• Presentations
• Promo Products: See our promo page for tons of reasonably priced high quality  promotional  merchandise!

Best Printing in Lehigh Valley

Your choice of paper, color and design are the first way to make a big impression on the market. We offer the following paper, color and specialty effects options:

• Grayscale OR Full Color

Paper Options:
• Matte
• Gloss
• Uncoated
• Text
• Cover weight

Specialty effects:
• Die cutting: adds a very modern, interesting design element.
• Embossing: eye catching, 3 dimensional effect.
• Foil:  shiny, professional touch.
• Spot varnish: very sleek, modern approach. It’s understated yet makes a impact.

Embossing-stationery copy

Best Embossing for Printed Materials

Finishing like binding and coatings can also make a huge difference in the quality of your print materials and how your brand is perceived. At EBC Printing, we provide a variety of various options.

• UV Coating
• Laminating

• Coil (Spiral)
• Perfect Binding


Coil Binding Services

• 3 hole drilling
• Round cornering
• Perforation
• Creasing

To learn more about these different types of binding and finishing methods, contact EBC Printing at (610) 841-0786.

Your marketing materials and mailers shouldn’t be an afterthought. They possess the power to greatly influence consumers. Give them the careful consideration, time, effort and creativity they deserve. After all, your brand deserves that!

Building Long–Term Customer Relationships

Building and maintaining long-term relationships with customers is key to the success of any business. No matter the industry, investing your time and energy into repeat business is absolutely critical. Here’s our guide to building quality, long-term client relationships.

Seek first to understand
What do your customers want? Find out and cater to their needs, providing high-quality services tuned to individual needs! Don’t simply hear your customers, listen to them.

Keep your customer’s best interest at heart
If you want customer loyalty, remember the long term goals both sides maintain at every interaction. Always treat these goals with priority and respect, never relegating them to the realm of an obligation or hassle.

Engage customers
Communicate with customers regularly and consistently. Keep them informed of changes to your business or when issues arise. Honesty goes a long way, and every customer is deserving of the truth. When there are roadblocks, keep the customer informed, and of course, offer options for solutions.

Be your client’s trusted advisor
Going the extra mile to build long-term relationships means becoming a key resource for customers, someone that they both rely on and trust. Trust is critical! Honor deadlines, and always set realistic expectations for both your staff members and customers alike.

Show your appreciation
Reward loyal, long-term clients! Celebrate them as partners in your business. If you want continued success, you need to put forth the effort in retaining clients. Repeat business is typically the most lucrative! Everyone loves to be recognized and appreciated. Actively express appreciation, and value each ongoing business relationship.

Forget complacency 
Do not take your clients for granted. In today’s market, no company can afford the price of complacency. Whether it’s a rewards program or a special promotion, clients won’t forget it.

Genuine, trusting client relationships are the cornerstone of any successful business. At EBC Printing, it’s our number one priority. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, no matter how big or small the project is. We’re always happy to answer any of your questions! Contact us at (610) 841-0786 or

Keep it Local for Enhanced Customer Service & A Stronger Community!

There’s endless benefits of supporting your local businesses. It improves the community and the lives of everyone in it. Here’s how:

It benefits you personally:

Local businesses provide a more personal customer service experience. As part of the same community, we are better matched to handle any customer’s needs with in-depth knowledge of the area based on local statistics, of which, we are a part of. We know our customers because we are your neighbors and friends. Our children go to the same schools, we shop at the same stores, and eat at the same restaurants. We are an integrated part of the community and we’re listening. It is for this reason that we are able to provide such rich customer services. Our services are uniquely tailored to each customer as the need arises, as fellow consumers living within the same area, we are deeply in tune with not only business trends but what the customer needs to succeed. Whenever you have questions or concerns you can be sure you’ll be dealing with a friendly face, not an automated machine or a third party answering service. This makes things much more convenient for you as a consumer because you’re not wasting time figuring out which 800 number to call, pressing 1 for English, pressing 3 for customer service, holding …you get the idea.

 It benefits the local economy and community: 

The more money spent on local business equates to a richer local economic state. This ensures that when companies allow each other to thrive by dealing with each other, not only do they each benefit but the community, as a whole grows, and becomes stronger together. Each local business supported feeds directly into the immediate economic state of that community, so dealing, even with one local business, further allows that community to thrive. Local businesses being able to serve one another works with such an ease of motion because they do utilize the each other’s strengths. This allows for simple things such as restocking and providing the proper assets for jobs to become a much more streamlined process all the while benefitting not only local business but the local economy as well. Local businesses are the cornerstone of any community, they are the passion that each individual community thrives from. Franchise stores and restaurants are fine, but without independently owned business, a community loses its unique sense of identity and stagnates within its own monotony.

Where you spend your money really matters! Next time you’re looking for a specific item or service, check out the shops and stores in your own neighborhood before running to a corporate chain. We know you won’t be disappointed!ebc_community blog

Print in 2017

What Direction is Print Going this Year?
There’s no doubt that we live in a very digitally driven world. Digital marketing and advertising is important for all companies today. However, we know with certainty that print still holds a very important place. Research is indicating that consumers still want something they can physically hold. Perhaps even more so in today’s digital world, items consumers can see, touch and feel are making a bigger impression than they used to. 
One example of the rise of printed materials is printing on plastic. Specifically, the market for plastic cards has gone up considerably. EBC Printing can take care of your plastic business cards, store rewards cards, and more. Attractive product packaging that pops has an extremely powerful effect on today’s consumer. A great design combined with perfectly executed packaging can make all the difference in the decision to purchase or not. We can print directly on several different types of packaging boxes and plastic to suit your product. Labels and stickers to wrap around packaging or containers for your product are also a great option to build your brand. 
Studies are finding that Millennial consumers in particular are finding novelty in print. According to the Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study, 82% of those aged 18–34 cite print as part of their purchasing journey. In fact, 63% of millennials who have responded to a direct-mail piece within the past three months made a purchase. Taking advantage of this would be smart for any business looking to target consumers in their 20′s and early to mid 30′s. Just as vinyl records have made a resurgence, print seems to be experiencing the same revival. The key to a successful marketing campaign today is the combined use of print marketing, like direct mailer along with digital marketing. Both of these efforts work together to ensure you’re reaching the right people, at the right time. EBC can work with you to design and print eye-catching direct mailers.
Modern Direct Mail is all about keeping it “lean”. Lean Direct Mail means less waste, more effective print marketing campaigns. This means increased ROI. The trick is in properly managing your customer data. Keep your records updated to be sure you aren’t double counting one household or mailing someone who no longer resides there. Segmenting your campaigns can also be much more effective than sending out just one. A few different, personalized messages can make bigger impact. Our variable data printing enables us to change elements like text and images from one printed piece to the next. Combined with digital marketing, your direct mail campaign will have an higher response rate.  
So, what should businesses focus on in 2017? Take the time to create print marketing that looks to good for consumers to just toss aside. Concentrate on quality over quantity. Remember to utilize both digital and traditional print marketing channels for the most effective, complete campaign possible. 
The possibilities are truly endless. It’s all about finding the solution that best suits your business, through print or digital means. If you have a unique idea that you’re not sure if it can be accomplished, contact us! We love to try new things and create trends. Odds are, if you can dream it, EBC Printing can make it happen! 

Happy Shipping from Express Business Center!

Do you have loved ones who live out of state? Maybe you just won’t get the chance to see a friend or family member before Christmas? Shipping a gift is a great way to show people you’re thinking of them this Holiday season. Express Business Center is here to help with all your Holiday Gift Packaging and Shipping needs. We provide shipping service with all major carriers: UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS. We’ll compare rates and make sure that you get the best price possible. Our store has an ample inventory of packing supplies and various size boxes and envelopes- everything you need to ship all your gifts! We put together a comprehensive list of our best tips for successful shipping this Holiday Season.

First, you’ll want to take the necessary steps so your package arrives to your gift recipient safely. 

  1. Don’t squeeze your gift into a shipping box! Make sure there is some wiggle room to add cushion.  
  2. Now fill up that empty space with some cushioning. Peanuts and wadded paper work well. We have options in store!
  3. No newspaper! It doesn’t work well as cushion.
  4. Don’t reuse boxes that are bent, dented, torn, floppy, or creased! 
  5. Avoid masking tape or duct tape. Nylon Reinforced packing tape is your best bet. 
  6. Consider insurance if you are shipping a very expensive gift.
  7. We have very special “Instapak Foam in Place” packing technology for even the most fragile of gifts. Stop in to see how it works! 

Shipping Christmas cookies or other food gifts?

  1. Make sure all food is wrapped very securely in foil.
  2. Only ship perishable food items early in the week so they don’t sit in a facility over the weekend.
  3. Include ice packs if needed, or consider styrofoam sheets and silica gel packets to help keep things fresh.
  4. Give the recipient a heads up as to when they can expect the package to arrive.
  5. Go with the fastest shipping option possible
  6. If sending glass jars or containers, use extra cushioning.

Add some pizzaz!

  1. Wrap the gift before you pack it up in a shipping box. Do not wrap the shipping box!
  2. Try some confetti inside the box to really surprise the recipient!
  3. We have Christmas Stamps available to make your Holiday Cards even more festive. 

Remember to watch out for deadlines! Make sure your package gets to the recipient in time for Christmas by paying attention to shipping deadline dates for carriers. We’re always here to help with any questions you have about deadlines, price, and safe shipping practices. Stop by the store or contact us today! 


The Power of Color!

What message are you sending through color?

At EBC Printing, we believe in the power of color, especially when it comes to printing. It’s obvious just by looking at our logo, which shows a full spectrum of color!

The color scheme you choose for you business’s logo and printed materials tells a story about your company and can make a huge difference in how your brand is perceived. Color attracts, informs and engages your potential customers.

There are many misconceptions and outdated ideas about the psychology of color. Traditional “color symbolism” ideas should be considered with a grain of salt. For example, “yellow symbolizes happiness”, or “blue represents trust” isn’t always the case, depending on your brand and the application of color. Current research suggests color should be more about portraying your brand’s personality accurately, rather than trying to invoke certain emotions.

Color isn’t an exact science because perception can vary from person to person and is dependent on many personal factors. Our perception of color has been shaped by our own unique life experiences, cultural backgrounds and upbringing.

Here’s just a few of the things to think when choosing the color scheme for your printed materials:

Brand Personality- First, think about your product or service. Your colors should make sense to whatever product or service you are selling. If people don’t see the correlation of the brand color scheme to the product or service, they are less likely to trust your brand- therefore, less likely to make a purchase. Do you want customers to see your brand as sophisticated? Rugged? Sincere? Make sure your color choices fit with that desired personality.

Differentiation- Stand out from your competition! Colors should fit with your industry without blending in with your competitors.

Gender- Does your brand have a target gender? Men and women view certain colors differently. Make sure you take this into consideration.

EBC Printing can make sure your printed materials stand out from your competitors.
Let us bring life to your brochures, business cards, banners, direct mail pieces, and more. Contact our team today!

Promotion Items – More Than Just Pens!


Promotion items are a great way to promote and brand your business. Everyone has a pen or two from a local business. They help keep your business at the top of peoples minds. While pens are effective, did you know that EBC offers hundreds of different promotion items for branding purposes?

PENS: Pens are an effective branding tool because everyone uses a pen while working. One of our most popular pens is the Wild Smilez Pen. These are not your average pen and will certainly bring a smile to your clients face! Looking for something with utility? The metal ballpoint pen with a stylus is very useful. It can be used with your smart phone or tablet screen instead of your finger.

USB DRIVES: These are popular and effective branding tools as well. Since many people use USB drives in the workplace, it is perfect way to keep your business on their mind. Pick one that has your company colors and we’ll put your logo and info on it. To take a step further, you can reload the drive with promotional materials for your business.

STRESS RELIEVER: Everyone gets stressed from time to time. Chose from a wide variety of “stress balls“. This is a fun addition to someone’s desk and they’ll think of your business as they destress!

COFFEE MUG: So many people start their day with a cup of joe! Emblazen your logo on a mug and your branding becomes part of their morning routine.

From golf accessories to clocks to t-shirts, you’ll find hundreds of different items to choose from at With so many options, here are some tips on picking the right item.

• Choose something that has utility. This ensures people with keep and use the item.
• Pick a color that matches your branding. Many of the promo items come in a variety of colors.
• Order in bulk. This will give you a better price per item.
• Choose the right size. If you’re mailing your items, pick something smaller. Larger items are good to have when meeting a client or handing them out to visitors.
• Pick an item that goes with your business. Own a cafe? Get mugs! Run a golf course? Order golf tees. Have an auto shop? Select a car accessory.

Have some fun and browse the hundreds of promo items on our site. Prices are shown for all items. Contact us to get started!

Book Binding 101

At EBC Printing we can print and bind all sorts of books. There are several different methods, described below. As with everything else with do, EBC Printing can handle your project from start to finish. Our design team can do the design and layout for your book. Our state of the art printers handle the printing and our binding equipment can wrap up the finishing. We can even ship your books if that is needed!

Spiral Bound
These are great for presentation booklets, guides and other more informal materials. They’re cost effective and hold up well. Choose a clear plastic cover for an added touch. Dress up a presentation or sales proposal with a spiral bound book. Other uses include:
- Reports
- Workbooks
- Personalized Sales Presentation
- Hand outs at trade shows
- Employee Handbooks

Saddle Stitched
Giddy up! Saddle stitched books are another option. This is when staples are used to bind your booklet. This is another cost effective option. The only limitation is page count. At a certain amount of pages, a staple won’t be capable of binding the pages. Plus these are easier to mail versus spiral books. Uses include:
- Magazines
- Guide Books
- Booklets
- Catalogs
- Event Programs

Perfect Binding
Perfect binding is a new service that EBC Printing now offers. This is where glue is used in the spine to adhere the pages. This is a great choice for an elegant book. It is just like a soft cover book. The slick appearance of perfect bound books makes for a great marketing tool as well. We can print books up to 1.5″ inches thick!  Uses include:
- Children’s Books
- Custom Sales Materials
- Magazines
- Presentation Materials
and more!
Usually a quantity of 100 or more makes sense to be most cost effective. Experience the power of printing by using a book of some kind to increase business, make a statement or get the word out. Contact EBC Printing today to get started!