Taking Care of Business With EBC Printing

EBC Printing is more than just a print shop. Our full line of services makes us your one stop shop for taking care of business. By working with our team we save you time and money, by handling everything from concept to completion.

Our design team will work with you to turn your vision into a professional design. If you have existing branding we can incorporate it into the design seamlessly. Good design is the foundation of any well done printed piece. We can also make adjustment or edits to your existing design materials.


Then its off to the print department! Our team will help you select the right paper to compliment your project. We’ll make sure your colors are spot on as well. You can also utilize our variable data printing feature. This allows us to print a different name, address or other information on each piece, giving the job a more personalized touch.


Our state of the art equipment allows for a wide range of finishing options. Finishing options include:
• UV coating and laminating
• Folding
• Collating
• Die cutting
• Stiching
• Round cornering
• Perforation
• Creasing and more!


We handle all mailing and shipping needs. From direct mail to mailing packages. In the digital age direct mail is even more effective – its a tangible promotional piece! Also for any print job over $200 we deliver to you for FREE!

When you work with EBC Printing there is no need to run around trying to get a project done. We can handle it all here for you – saving your business time and money!

The Right Paper Makes All The Difference

The next time you’re planning to have something printed, ask us about the possibilities. EBC Printing stocks a wide array of specialty paper in addition to the more common selections. Choosing a different type of paper is a nice way to take your print job to the next level.

Matte vs Gloss: Matte paper is usually the way to go. It is more subtle and is not shiny. It lets the design speak for itself. Glossy paper is fine for promotional materials or when a slick look is needed.

Paper Weight: A thicker paper is the right choice for things like business cards and invitations. Nothing is worse than a flimsy business card, while a thicker business card projects strength. A thicker paper is also good for brochures. Things like fliers, handbills and inserts are better suited to a lighter paper. In the printing business thickness is denoted by “pounds” For example 120 lb card stock is a thick stock.

Specialty paper: To really make your printed piece stand out specialty paper is the way to go. A linen paper gives a more classy look and feel. Anytime a textured paper is used in introduces another element to stimulate the senses – that of touch. There are also coated paper stocks that have a nice feel. At EBC Printing we have a wide variety to choose from and we can special order paper as well.

Colored Paper: If you’re on a tighter budget a great solution is to print black on colored paper. This adds color without having to print a full color job. Black ink on yellow paper is a great combination.

So before your next print job be sure to speak with one of our print specialists to explore all the paper possibilities! We can give you some suggestions and show you examples of what would work best with your job. Selecting different paper is a fun way to give your next print job a new twist

Achieving Success at Your Next Trade Show

Attending trade shows is an excellent way to build brand awareness, reach new customers and network with others in the field. Since they are a big investment you want to make sure your set up and materials are well thought out. EBC Printing can help you every step of the way.

Banner stands: A banner stand is an easy way to make a big impact. Our banner stands are easy to set up, durable and printed in vibrant color. When not at a trade show banner stands are great to set up in your lobby or conference room year round.

Promotional items: Everyone loves the free goodies at trade shows. Pick an item that is useful and has utility. Stress balls are popular. A really unique item is our “happy pen”

Printed materials: Handbills, business cards, brochures and fliers are an important and tangible take away. This services as a reference and reminder for someone to take action and contact you.

Table Throw: A branded table throw instantly makes your display look better and professional.

Design Tip: Keep the text and copy on your banner stand and signage to a minimum. People “look” at displays, but don’t “read” them.

Social Media: Make sure your social media links and handles are incorporated into the design. Trade shows are a great way to get page likes and followers on the spot.

Network: Take some time to check out the other booths and displays. This is a great opportunity to get ideas, do research and see what the competition is up to. Make some contacts and have conversations… you’ll learn a lot!

The team at EBC can help you with everything you need for your next trade show or expo. From design, to printing, to displays, EBC Printing has you covered! Call to set up an appointment to get a game plan together.



What makes EBC truly different?

There are numerous printers and business centers in the Lehigh Valley. So you may ask what makes EBC different? Of course we offer state of the art printing services and a wide variety of business services from shipping to notary services. However the key ingredient that ties it all together is our people.

The team at EBC is made up of people that truly care about providing our customers the best product and service. It really is like a family. We’re passionate about what we do and take pride in helping our clients and customers succeed. It is more than just a job to us. We come in contact with so many people in the community everyday – and if we can help them finish a project, improve their business or just check things off their to do list, we’re happy.

We get to know our clients and customers, because every business is different. This helps us best meet their expectations and get things done promptly. That relationship is of paramount importance to us. The team treats every project, big or small, as if it were their own. Because it is more than just taking care of business – its making our daily interactions meaningful and enjoyable.

So please considering working with us on your next project. We look forward to working with you!

Think Spring!

With the cold weather ahead this week, few people are thinking of Spring. However as a business owner, now is the time to plan ahead! In March people will be coming out of hibernation and looking to take care of things. One example is the homeowner. The warmer weather will allow them to start projects around the house, that weren’t possible during the winter.

Landscapers, roofers, contractors, painters and the pool guy all need to be thinking about how to connect with those potential customers. Typically their business is slower during the winter months, so they’ll need to keep themselves busy during the warmer months.

What is the best way to get your message across to the homeowner? Print ads and billboards can be costly and ineffective. Television and radio commercials can be budget busters. EBC Printing has the ideal solution – custom designed door hangers! This is a cost effective solution that allows you to reach your target market.

• We can custom design them with your logo, branding and message
• They can be perforated to include a coupon
• Use them wherever you see fit – target neighborhoods or specific potential clients
• The front door is the perfect place for your message – the homeowner can’t miss it!
• The cost of printing the door hangers is reasonable – and you’ll only need to get one client to make it worthwhile

The team at EBC printing can design, print and finish door hangers for your business in seven to ten days. Spend the down time of February getting these done, so starting in March you can get the word out to your potential clients and look forward to a lucrative Spring!

Looking for a Holiday Gift?

Express Business Center is so much more than just shipping. We sell Lehigh Products’ Nugali chocolates – the perfect locally made stocking stuffer! The limited edition “Carbonopoly” game featuring the EBC smart car is back in stock! Stop by Express Business Center today and grab your copy. it’s the much loved, classic Monopoly game with a Carbon County twist. Proceeds benefit community projects throughout Carbon County. These make great holiday gifts – you can package & ship directly from our store via UPS, USPS, FedEx & DHL!


Pioneering Technology in the Lehigh Valley

Just as companies like Tesla have embraced automation in the auto industry workflow, EBC is a pathfinder in the Lehigh Valley. Efficiently producing and printing marketing materials for our clients. Our Xerox iGen4 printer is the gold standard of printing, and allows us allows us to execute any job big or small.  There’s nothing like it in the Lehigh Valley. Finishings include booklets, case bound, stitched sets, tape bound and more. This machine provides a variety of coatings including silk, matte, gloss, and dull. Take your printing to the next level and stand out above your competition for the most cost effective price. Want to be introduced? Call us today to schedule a tour of our state of the art printing facility and take the iGen4 for a test drive!


Networking with Professional Business Cards

Don’t overlook the importance of a great business card. They help you make a good first impression and are an essential networking tool. We have a variety of paper stock to choose from, and can print on one or both sides. Need a design? We’ve got you covered. Print yours at Express Business Center today!


Need A Great Branding Tool?

A USB flash drive is a great tool for advertising your business. At EBC, we offer 1G and 2G flash drives in a variety of sleek colors. We can print your logo in one color on both sides or in two colors on one side. Set up and shipping is included, and for an additional fee we can preload a video or marketing flyer. Contact us today for pricing and more information!