Trade Show Success


Exhibiting at a trade show is an excellent way to advertise directly to your target market and spread awareness of your brand. It’s an opportunity to showcase your unique strengths and demonstrate the benefits of your products and services. Do it right, and you’ll make connections that lead to sales and long-term client relationships. Whether it’s your first or your hundredth, there’s always room for improving trade show presence and success. Here are a few tips for setting yourself up for a successful trade show.

Prepare Your Staff:  Begin with the basics—professional attire, welcoming attitudes, and a smile. Carefully choose your most outgoing staff to successfully spread your influence outside of the workplace. Ensure that your staff understands their role and what your expectations of them are.

Have Specific Goals in Mind: Derive your main goal for attending the trade show before getting resources together, and plan accordingly. Do you want to generate leads, sell products, or perhaps add contacts to your mailing list? Each will require a different set-up and planning; setting a goal and working around the idea will allow for a more concise and polished presence. Trade shows are an investment for your business, so make sure you are aware of what your ROI must be.

Plan and Research: Thoughtfully choose which trade shows to attend; aim for those that will provide the best opportunity for promotion. Carefully consider the atmosphere both in terms of the crowd attending and other companies that will be present. It may be in your best interest to avoid trade shows where you will be competing against companies with similar services. It’s also a great idea to get to know the space beforehand. Take advantage of early sign-up opportunities for your chance at prime locations. You will most likely be able to pick the ideal space with higher traffic, and there are often savings when you sign up early.

Engage and Excite:  Take advantage of social media. Post beforehand, during, and even after events to engage with your base and further promote yourself. Include any hash-tags created and promoted by the trade show to further expand the audience you’re speaking to, and be sure to tag the organization funding the event in your posts. Promotion of this level will extend the audience you’re speaking to beyond that of current followers. These simple steps get your brand recognition with a larger audience, and free publicity is always good.

Make Your Display Engaging with Prizes or Contests:  Make your trade show display entertaining and engaging. The more appeal you can convey with graphics from a distance, the larger the potential crowd you can draw in. Aim to engage booth visitors; don’t simply hand out information pamphlets, engage your audience. This is the time to show off your company and set yourself above the competition. Advise staff to be friendly and outgoing with booth visitors without being too pushy or forceful.

For example, your booth can provide:
Free promo items
Raffles for prizes

Useful Promo Items: There are endless options of promotional merchandise to provide at your booth. Provide items that visitors will find useful both during and outside of the event. Putting forethought into these items will help to further expand your brand even outside of the vent and social media. Be thoughtful about choosing your promotional merchandise, brand recognition goes a long way through useful promo items. Think beyond pens and magnets, It doesn’t have to break the bank to be great, either. Try one of these:

• USBs
• lip balm
• drawstring ‘cinch’ bags
• coffee mugs
• water bottles
• notepads

Check out to see the huge variety of promotional merchandise we have to offer!

Have a Stand-Out Display: Keep colors and logos consistent with branding, be creative and think outside the box, while still maintaining a clear message. Use bullet points when you can, and keep it brief as possible. Remove technical jargon, and create a compelling display. Images should be bold but not too over the top or cluttered. Make sure to include your website address visible as well as social media pages.

How EBC Printing can help set you up for Trade Show Success: EBC Printing has everything you need to create eye-catching, branded displays, including-

• Table covers
• Retractable banners
• Tabletop displays
• Banners and flags
• Tents and event products
• Signage
• Floor displays
• Branded tailgate products

We have total trade show packages available! The package includes:

• 6′ wide backdrop
• 6′ table throw
• Economy retractable banner stand
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Proper & Prompt Follow up: Follow up on any leads you’ve generated without delay, a few days is a good rule of thumb. Hand-written notes are a nice, personal way to follow up on leads. Thank visitors for their time and invite them to stop by your store or set up a meeting. Don’t miss this opportunity for new business! Making the connection was half the battle, now you just need to see it through.