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EBC’s Top 7 Customer Service Tips


Indeed, great customer service is both a science and an art. Businesses that effectively understand it as a science and an aft form will be find the most success in retaining customers. Some clients will be easier to communicate, understand and appease than others. For more complicated customers, you’ll need think outside the box to find creative solutions to their problems. There are a few key rules to live by when dealing with customers of all kinds.

Our Top 7 Customer Service Tips!

Tip 1: Know your customers names
It’s important that customers feel valued and appreciated. Addressing your customer by name is the first step in doing this. It’s often the simplest thing that hold the most weight!

Tip 2:  Always personalize the experience.   
Know your customers greatest challenges. What current business struggles does the customer have? How can your services help them with the problem?

Tip 3: Monitor all your communication channels. 
There’s nothing worse than losing business due to a lack of response. If there channel is available, make sure you are monitoring it. This includes social media, emails, website quotes, voicemails, etc.

Tip 4: Always respond to customer inquiries in a timely fashion. 
This goes hand in hand with the last rule. Customers should feel like a priority. Furthermore, one a time is promised or a deadline is agreed upon, follow through. Keep your timeline organized and notify customers immediately any possible delays.

Tip 5: “Mirror” your customer’s language.
Take inventory of certain words and phrases customers tend to use. Using language familiar to the customer makes them feel more comfortable. Beware of industry jargon or technical language; if customer’s don’t understand what you’re saying, it will only create more communication barriers.

Tip 6: Always perform a needs analysis on customers.
Here’s a common situation: A customer goes to a business for a service. They explain what they want. The business delivers. The client is unhappy with the result. Many times, listening to a customer is not enough. You have to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers, to ensure you’ll be able to produce what the customer truly wants. Often, clients don’t know how to properly convey what it is that they want. They are relying on you to tell them. After all, you are the expert! Trust yourself to know what will work best for the client, while taking into account their opinion and ideas. It’s when you can combine these two thing harmoniously that the outcome is best. It’s also the best way to build customer loyalty and guarantee repeat business. When a customer feels understood, they will come back.

Tip 7: Know which of your services are most valued! 
Do you know which of your services are of most value to your clientele? Performing an internal analysis of this is extremely beneficial to you. On the other hand, not knowing can be detrimental to your business. You’ll learn how to best allocate your resources to best serve the customer.