Print in 2017

What Direction is Print Going this Year?
There’s no doubt that we live in a very digitally driven world. Digital marketing and advertising is important for all companies today. However, we know with certainty that print still holds a very important place. Research is indicating that consumers still want something they can physically hold. Perhaps even more so in today’s digital world, items consumers can see, touch and feel are making a bigger impression than they used to. 
One example of the rise of printed materials is printing on plastic. Specifically, the market for plastic cards has gone up considerably. EBC Printing can take care of your plastic business cards, store rewards cards, and more. Attractive product packaging that pops has an extremely powerful effect on today’s consumer. A great design combined with perfectly executed packaging can make all the difference in the decision to purchase or not. We can print directly on several different types of packaging boxes and plastic to suit your product. Labels and stickers to wrap around packaging or containers for your product are also a great option to build your brand. 
Studies are finding that Millennial consumers in particular are finding novelty in print. According to the Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study, 82% of those aged 18–34 cite print as part of their purchasing journey. In fact, 63% of millennials who have responded to a direct-mail piece within the past three months made a purchase. Taking advantage of this would be smart for any business looking to target consumers in their 20′s and early to mid 30′s. Just as vinyl records have made a resurgence, print seems to be experiencing the same revival. The key to a successful marketing campaign today is the combined use of print marketing, like direct mailer along with digital marketing. Both of these efforts work together to ensure you’re reaching the right people, at the right time. EBC can work with you to design and print eye-catching direct mailers.
Modern Direct Mail is all about keeping it “lean”. Lean Direct Mail means less waste, more effective print marketing campaigns. This means increased ROI. The trick is in properly managing your customer data. Keep your records updated to be sure you aren’t double counting one household or mailing someone who no longer resides there. Segmenting your campaigns can also be much more effective than sending out just one. A few different, personalized messages can make bigger impact. Our variable data printing enables us to change elements like text and images from one printed piece to the next. Combined with digital marketing, your direct mail campaign will have an higher response rate.  
So, what should businesses focus on in 2017? Take the time to create print marketing that looks to good for consumers to just toss aside. Concentrate on quality over quantity. Remember to utilize both digital and traditional print marketing channels for the most effective, complete campaign possible. 
The possibilities are truly endless. It’s all about finding the solution that best suits your business, through print or digital means. If you have a unique idea that you’re not sure if it can be accomplished, contact us! We love to try new things and create trends. Odds are, if you can dream it, EBC Printing can make it happen!