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Promotion Items – More Than Just Pens!


Promotion items are a great way to promote and brand your business. Everyone has a pen or two from a local business. They help keep your business at the top of peoples minds. While pens are effective, did you know that EBC offers hundreds of different promotion items for branding purposes?

PENS: Pens are an effective branding tool because everyone uses a pen while working. One of our most popular pens is the Wild Smilez Pen. These are not your average pen and will certainly bring a smile to your clients face! Looking for something with utility? The metal ballpoint pen with a stylus is very useful. It can be used with your smart phone or tablet screen instead of your finger.

USB DRIVES: These are popular and effective branding tools as well. Since many people use USB drives in the workplace, it is perfect way to keep your business on their mind. Pick one that has your company colors and we’ll put your logo and info on it. To take a step further, you can reload the drive with promotional materials for your business.

STRESS RELIEVER: Everyone gets stressed from time to time. Chose from a wide variety of “stress balls“. This is a fun addition to someone’s desk and they’ll think of your business as they destress!

COFFEE MUG: So many people start their day with a cup of joe! Emblazen your logo on a mug and your branding becomes part of their morning routine.

From golf accessories to clocks to t-shirts, you’ll find hundreds of different items to choose from at With so many options, here are some tips on picking the right item.

• Choose something that has utility. This ensures people with keep and use the item.
• Pick a color that matches your branding. Many of the promo items come in a variety of colors.
• Order in bulk. This will give you a better price per item.
• Choose the right size. If you’re mailing your items, pick something smaller. Larger items are good to have when meeting a client or handing them out to visitors.
• Pick an item that goes with your business. Own a cafe? Get mugs! Run a golf course? Order golf tees. Have an auto shop? Select a car accessory.

Have some fun and browse the hundreds of promo items on our site. Prices are shown for all items. Contact us to get started!