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Book Binding 101

At EBC Printing we can print and bind all sorts of books. There are several different methods, described below. As with everything else with do, EBC Printing can handle your project from start to finish. Our design team can do the design and layout for your book. Our state of the art printers handle the printing and our binding equipment can wrap up the finishing. We can even ship your books if that is needed!

Spiral Bound
These are great for presentation booklets, guides and other more informal materials. They’re cost effective and hold up well. Choose a clear plastic cover for an added touch. Dress up a presentation or sales proposal with a spiral bound book. Other uses include:
- Reports
- Workbooks
- Personalized Sales Presentation
- Hand outs at trade shows
- Employee Handbooks

Saddle Stitched
Giddy up! Saddle stitched books are another option. This is when staples are used to bind your booklet. This is another cost effective option. The only limitation is page count. At a certain amount of pages, a staple won’t be capable of binding the pages. Plus these are easier to mail versus spiral books. Uses include:
- Magazines
- Guide Books
- Booklets
- Catalogs
- Event Programs

Perfect Binding
Perfect binding is a new service that EBC Printing now offers. This is where glue is used in the spine to adhere the pages. This is a great choice for an elegant book. It is just like a soft cover book. The slick appearance of perfect bound books makes for a great marketing tool as well. We can print books up to 1.5″ inches thick!  Uses include:
- Children’s Books
- Custom Sales Materials
- Magazines
- Presentation Materials
and more!
Usually a quantity of 100 or more makes sense to be most cost effective. Experience the power of printing by using a book of some kind to increase business, make a statement or get the word out. Contact EBC Printing today to get started!