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Shipping and Handling with TLC at EBC


In the digital age people send a lot less mail. However packages are still part of personal and business activity on a daily basis. Whether you’re sending a gift to a family member, an item sold on ebay or your product to a customer, Express Business Center can handle everything for you – safely and professionally.

To start, we know your item is precious cargo. Whether it’s fragile or not, we expertly package your item to limit potential for damage.  Shipped items require a great deal of care in order for them to reach their destinations safely. They go on trucks, through the air and over conveyor belts. Sometimes they are dropped, which could cause damage. To protect your shipment Express Business Center takes great care to package your item safely.

Our on site shipping center has sturdy boxes, strong packing tape, bubble wrap and more. Our staff’s shipping experience ensures a custom solution for shipping your item – big or small. We also have an instapak foam system. This remarkable technology allows use to cushion your item protective foam. You won’t get that at the post office!

You also have options at Express Business Center. We are an authorized shipping center for UPS, DHL and FedEx. Ship with confidence knowing you’re working with the best in the business.

We also value your time. We’ll promptly take care of your shipping and provide you with all needed tracking info. Stop by and give Express Business Center a try!