Monthly Archives: June 2015

Document Shredding Now Available at EBC!


Safely dispose of your paper waste with our document shredding service! Our on-site cross-shredding machines cut paper in both directions to ensure your materials are properly shredded. You also don’t need to remove staples and paper clips, we’ll take care of it! We even shred CDs and credit cards!

EBC Flag Printing

A flag is a great way to represent your business no matter what the situation. At EBC, we print a variety of different types of flags to specifically match your needs. We print standard flags that you would hang from a pole ranging from 2′x4′ to 5′x8′. We can also print different types of flags starting at 7′ and ranging to 17′ high in a rectangle, teardrop or sabre shape. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor flag, we have you covered! We can recommend what material will work best for what you will be using the flag for and have different durability levels if fabric and vinyl. Contact us to have a flag made for your business!